About Us

Atlas Investment Group, LLC is a real estate development company based in Boston, Massachusetts with properties throughout New England. Atlas Investment Group was founded in 2001 with the guiding principal; create places, retail, residential or industrial where people want to be.

Image of Dimitri Dasco

Demetrios J. Dasco

Chief Executive Officer

Demetrios Dasco established Atlas Investment Group in 2001 and currently oversees development acquisitions, construction management, and investment operations of the company's real estate portfolio.

Atlas Investment Group, under Demetri's leadership has created transformational housing and retail opportunities building strong, thriving, and diverse communities working in partnership with neighborhoods, residents, businesses and community groups.

Demetri brings more than twenty five years of experience to commercial real estate and development. Prior to founding Atlas Investment Group Demetri was co-founder and President of his own specialty construction firm that under his leadership grew into one of Boston's premier restoration firms.

Demetri graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Business Administration.

P: 617-482-3006
F: 617-482-3007

Alexander D. Dasco

Vice President, Operations

Alex's responsibilities include day-to-day implementation of the company's finance, development, investment, asset management and leasing activities.

Alex has over twenty five years experience in the construction and real estate industry. Before joining Atlas Investments Alex was a project manager and chief estimator at one of New England's largest specialty construction firms.

Alex graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in civil engineering.

P: 617-482-3006
F: 617-482-3007